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What’s a web manager on Beetrack?

There’s two user categories in Beetrack, the web managers, people who manage the logistic operation from the web application, and the mobile users, which are the dispatchers, drivers or field workers that use the Beetrack mobile application for Android or iOS.

Web managers can check the activity of all field workers and dispatchers on real time.

They manage routes, mobile users, vehicles, POD forms, and every component of your logistic operation on Beetrack. You can set permissions for every activity on the platform so if you don’t want certain user add a new mobile driver, you can disable the checkbox on the user profile.

Also, you can set the password policy of your teammates, for example, enable password expiration and your users will have to create a new password in a certain period of days. This will improve the security of your account.

Beetrack allows you to create for free all web managers you need.

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