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Improvements in route optimization and automatic geocoding.

There’s two new features that will improve the way you work with address geocoding and route optimization in the platform.

Enter to account settings to enable the features in the Geocoding and optimization section.

import ingles

Automatic geocoding of addresses

This features will automatically add latitude/longitude pairs to the addresses of the orders imported to the platform.

After the import the system run a background process and will review the addresses with Google Maps. When the process is finished the new information will be displayed on the platform.

Is important to know that the imported addresses will be processed only if they follow the Google Maps guidelines to convert them to latitude/longitude pairs:

Specify addresses in accordance with the format used by the national postal service of the country concerned.

  • Do not specify additional address elements such as business names, unit numbers, floor numbers, or suite numbers that are not included in the address as defined by the postal service of the country concerned.
  • Use the street number of a premise in preference to the building name where possible.
  • Use street number addressing in preference to specifying cross streets where possible.
  • Do not provide ‘hints’ such as nearby landmarks.

Automatic optimization of routes

vista opt ruta

Automatic optimization of routes is another background process that will be run after your routes where imported.

The starting point of the route will be the warehouse or place where the user got the orders. If this information has not been entered on the platform, we will add a new starting point based on the previous behavior of the driver or mobile user.

To properly optimize your routes, all the orders must have a valid longitude/latitude or having previously activated the “automatic geocoding of addresses” feature which it was explained at the top of this article.

If both features are enabled and the order still doesn’t have a valid latitude/longitude address, the route will not be optimized and an email will be sent to alert the problem to the account administrator.

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