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How to import a route?

To massively import routes, follow the next steps:

Step 1

Go to “Import” and download the template. Then open the spreadsheet file on your computer

The spreadsheet has the following columns:

Column nameDescriptionRequired
Order numberThe number of order that contains all the information about the customer and clearance items .Yes
Vehicle identifierIt is the identifier of the vehicle carrying the dispatch order . This vehicle is created when entering mobile users or via "Settings / Account configuration / Vehicles / New vehicle " or using bulk load (for this you must download the template that pressing the button "Import" .Yes
Item nameIt is the name of the product to be delivered. No
Quantityit is the number of items to be deliveredNo
Item codeit is the code of the item loadedNo
Contact identifierIt is the customer identifier , it must be a unique identifier and generally the number of identity card or passport id is usedYes
Contact nameIt is the name of de customer to whom deliverNo
PhoneIt is the customer's phoneNo
EmailIt is the customer's emailNo
AddressIt corresponds to the dispatch address .Yes
LatitudeCorresponds to the latitude of the dispatch.No
LongitudeCorresponds to the longitude of the dispatch.No
Min delivery timeRange start time of delivery agreed with the customer (AAAA/MM/DD HH:MM)No
Max delivery timeRange end time of delivery agreed with the customer (AAAA/MM/DD HH:MM)No

At the end of these columns you will see your Custom fields or custom data required for your operation.

You can add custom fields in SettingsAccount settingsAdvanced settingsCustom fields

Step 2

After you finish to edit your file, upload the spreadsheet


Once you import the file, press “On route” and you will see your data



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