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How to create notifications?

Beetrack allows you to send notifications to your customers and colleagues via SMS or Email. In this section you can set the content and design of the notification and preview how the recipient will see it.

Follow this steps to send notifications:

First, you need to set if you want your customers receive automatic updates.

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You can deliver notifications for every status of the delivery (“Delivered“, “Not delivered“, “Partially delivered“) and their substatus, and for the “Pre-deliver” and “Route started” to send notifications of proximity of delivery to the customer.


To create a notification you must do this:

Notifications attributes:

  • Name: Main name of the notification (Customer will not see this title).
  • Status: for the state you are creating, such as “Delivered”.
  • Substatus: Choose the substatus you need.
  • Notification channels:  Is the channel by which the customer will be informed. In this case via email.
  • Recipients: Here you can activate if the notification will be sent to the customer and the internal team. If you choose “Activate internal notification” you must add the emails and phone numbers to notify them..

Then you can customize the messages:

  • Email preview: You can preview and test your notification.
  • Subject: Subject of the email.
  • Header image URL : is the URL of the image you will show on the header of the email.
  • Email body: Content of the email. You can paste special keys to reference attributes of the dispatch like:


Custom fields must select it as follows .




  • Footer text: Text below the content, often used to communicate corporate information.
  • Footer image URL: is the URL of the image you will show on the footer of the email.
  • Font color: Color of the typography.
  • Theme color: Color of the main layout, used to match your corporate identity.

To deploy email

  • Company logo: activate this to show the logo of your company.
  • Dispatch info: if active will show the dispatch data.
  • Items: If active will show all the products or items associated with the guide.
  • Feedback: Activate this option to add a survey to evaluate the quality of your service.
  • Add widget link: Show a link to the widget in the email.
  • Add Forms: Show all the completed forms of the dispatch.
  • Add Map: Show a map with the location of the dispatch.


mail notification

If you want to see how many notifications have sent , you should see in


To search for any particular you should enter 5 and will take you to the next screen where you can search by date, status, type of channel , guide and contact example.



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