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Mobile app

What’s a mobile user on Beetrack?

Mobile users are all the dispatchers, drivers or field employees  that use the Beetrack mobile application for Android or iOS to do their jobs. On the other hand, web managers use the web platform to manage the logistic operation.

Mobile users manage assigned dispatch guides on a specific route and complete the proof of delivery forms.

The POD form is a survey that the mobile user must complete to mark a dispatch as “delivered”. For this, it must complete some activities like taking a product photo, adding comments, select an option from list or retrieving the customer signature on the mobile device.

Once the POD form is complete, the dispatch is saved and synchronized with Beetrack in the cloud. In this point, the web manager will check the updated the status of the dispatch with all the information on the web application.

Web managers can set permissions to mobile users, like let them delete or reorder dispatch guides on a route.

Beetrack will charge you depending the number of mobile users you have.

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