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How do I install the blocking app?

In order to ensure the appropriate use of the mobile device where Beetrack is installed, we highly recommend installing a Block Application. This way, if the device were to be lost, or stolen, Beetrack will be unaccessible.

Please note that this application is not related to Beetrack in any way, which is why we hold no responsibility for its correct functioning.

Step 1: Install the app

Download and install the app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Change the default password

Go to Settings, then password adjustments and then password.

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Step 3: Add the device to the system administrator

This allows the user to uninstall the app. Go to Settings, them Default setup.

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Once it is set, add the administrator and activate:

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Step 5: Add blocking apps:

You can add blocking apps by clicking “+”. Once you have added them, you will ee a list of blocked apps.

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